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They are now in a better place somewhere over the rainbow...


  Bars (Барс) 1997 - 2014



  Anthony (Тоша) 2008 - 2010

The sweetheart of the family. He was loved by everyone in the family until the day he went to a better place. At nearly 2 years old he was the biggest cat of the family for his age, (pushing 25 lbs). His death was sudden and unexpected. It still hurts very much. He never stopped purring, sometimes even when he was sleeping! Cuddling with him was a pleasure, he was very emotionally in tune with us and he knew when one of us felt bad or sad and just needed an overstuffed toy to cuddle with. He always came in those moments. That's not to say he didn't come in the happy ones as well, he loved nothing more than to pose for us by the fireplace and meow and play.




  Chelsea (Челонька) 1995 - 2009

The undisputed czar of the family. She was the sweetest and the biggest (almost 20 lbs) of the cats that immigrated with us to America. One time, one of the grandmas came to catsit for us while we were at work and Chelsea, being the little darling that she is, decided to take a nap in the bread drawer. Promptly giving the grandma a scare. She called us on the phone at work and told us that Chelsea was gone and she couldn't find her. We raced back home and turned the house upside down looking for her. We were unsuccessful. Then, a short time later we opened the bread drawer for some reason and there she was, snug as a bug sleeping between 2 loaves of French bread! From that day on, she acquired the nickname "Bun". Chelsea was very close to Max, our oldest cat and her best friend, and she left us exactly a year after Max passed away.


  Max (Максим) 1992 - 2008

Out of all the cats we had, Max was the most intelligent. He was a member of the family who surpassed many hardships with us, including our immigration to America. He was the one cat who knew people extremely well, he could tell if people were good or bad at heart by their character. It was a fascinating thing, as Max was never wrong. He was a mentor/brother/protector all in one beautiful cat. Max was the disciplinarian of the family, he made all the decisions on who got administered what discipline when and to what degree. On the other hand, he was a very nice cat and he disciplined the other cats rarely. We all loved him very much and he paid us back with his unconditional love and support. He will forever remain in our memories and hearts.


  Barbie (Барби) 1994 - 1996

Barbie was our Princess who immigrated with us from Russia in '95. She was a sweet and gentle cat who got along with the older pet in the family, Klara our Maltese, and she constantly gave us mini-heart attacks and made us worry. She would open the container in which sugar was stored, she'd grab a cube of sugar and drop it to Klara, who, as a dog, wasn't actually supposed to have any. Klara would eat the piece and then she danced on her hind legs and asked for more, and the process repeated. She eventually taught us not to keep our sugar on the table and we surrendered. She wasn't supposed to leave us so early but due to complications in her pregnancy, the doctors were unfortunately unable to save her or her kittens. She will always remain in our hearts.


Barbie and Max.

Photo from their last cat show in Moscow. Year: 1995



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