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As long as we remember ourselves, we have owned Siberians. In fact, we are the first pioneers who brought the first ever Neva Masquerade cats to California back in April of 1995, as well as our Siberians. Unfortunately they are not with us anymore, but they are in a better place and their pictures you can see on our Memorial Page.

We are a small cattery located in Northern California, USA. We have 2 cockatiels and an aquarium with fish, as well as five Siberian cats, 2 boys and 3 girls. The oldest boy, a black Siberian is a veteran. Currently he plays the role of a parent and teacher to the younger cats. He teaches them what they can and can't do and tells them long stories of what kind of trouble he got into when he was their age...just trying to be a "role model". We are big fans of spreading the traditional Siberian breed and will answer any questions that any prospective and even current owners may have.

Periodically we will add fun facts and useful info about the breed to our site or provide links to other resources.



Boris, Jane and Yulia.


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