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Dear Friends and Guests of Siberian Meow Cattery!

This is the page where we will publish links to our friends' catteries, blogs, photos and video galleries. Hopefully they will be generous enough to do the same and post links back to us.

Our Banner:


If you want to add Siberian Meow's banner to your website simply copy and paste the following code:

<a target=_blank href=http://www.siberianmeow.com/images/General/siberianmeow-banner1.jpg width=468 height=60 border=0 alt="Siberian Meow Cattery - Traditional Siberian Cats & Kittens"></a>


Jyntico Alex of Siberian Meow Links:

  •  Very first link should be pointed to the Jyntico Cattery, motherland of our handsome Siberian boy Jyntico Alex of Siberian Meow. Unfortunately the Jyntico cattery went out of business, but we are still in touch with cattery owner Sue Smith. Hopefully one day she will come back to the breeding business and continue to breed magnificent Siberian cats.
  •  Alex Dad's Cattery. Alex's dad was born in the cattery called Taurus, which is located in the beautiful city of Saratov.   We are happy to announce that they have provided us with pictures of Alex's grandparents which you will be able to see soon. Saratov is the fifteenth largest city in Russia and has the Saratov Bridge which is the longest bridge in Europe. By the way, the cat dominating the banner there is Alex's grandfather, Ruslan of Taurus. But the beauty of his parents is also unmatched. We will publish these pictures to the site soon and you can be the judge. 


Ruslana Sibaris of Siberian Meow Links:

  •  Sibaris - The Cattery of Siberian CatsRuslana's Motherland. Ruslana's breeders Arina Kozyr and Alexander Kolesnikov live in Russia and specialize in Siberian cats. They both have PhD.s in molecular biology and their devotion to pure Siberian cats is legendary. They are one of the most respected and well-known Siberian catteries not only in Russia but also across the world. We recently found several interesting and educational articles by Alexander Kolesnikov and we will happily post them for our guests.   



Yurate Ul' Mir Excellent of Siberian Meow Links:


Eropheya of Siberian Meow Links:


Links of Siberian Meow people:


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