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SiberianMeow Cattery: Tripple Grand Champion Jyntico Alex of Siberian Meow

IW SGC Jyntico Alex of SiberianMeow 

-Hi! My name is Alex. Presently I'm not in a good mood. Dad promised me 3 mates and they're all here. I'm all alone in the master bedroom. WHAT is WRONG with this man?? I was bored and put "my graffiti" in the room corner one day. Mommy was very upset with me. Since then I decided not to impress my parents anymore with my art abilities. I spend my nights on mama's head because the pillow is so soft and comfy. Daytime I work on an escape plan from the master bedroom. I'm a few months away from perfecting the plan! In regards to my professional career, I'm working hard and I closed Quadruple Grand Champion and I'm not going to stop.


 Since it's too hot in sunny California I now wear my summer coat. My parents are very nervous about it because I have a show to go to in 2 weeks. But I'm not nervous, I gained an extra few pounds which I hope will help me to beat my opponents in the show. The only problem now is one of my mates will be competing against me as an adult! I am a gentleman but also a winner and now my dilemma is whether I should win, or let the lady win...after all, people do say "Ladies First" but do I REALLY WANT TO ADHERE TO THE SAYING?

Late November of 2010

Hello my adoring fans! How's everyone been? I've been amazing, I have kids...Mission Impossible: Accomplished. Check out my beautiful kids, they are just adorable.

 Siberian Meow Cattery    Siberian Meow Cattery

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