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CH Yurata Ul'mir Excellent of SiberianMeow

-Hi! My name is Yurata. My full name is Yurate Ul' Mir Excellent of Siberian Meow. The word "Excellent" is for my appearance and personality. I'm the oldest of the girls. My outlook on people is such "All people are people and I'm the queen." It's in my DNA, my great-great-great-great-great-aunt was the queen of this family for 14 years. People say we look alike. They also call me "Golden Girl" because of my color.

Siberian Meow Cattery: Yurate UlMira Excellent of Siberian Meow

Autumn of 2010

Lately, I've been giving my parents a hard time because they don't understand that everybody in this house is supposed to live by my rules. First thing in the morning they should give me a good, filling yummy breakfast and then mom should provide me with a ride in her hands to the backyard so I can smell the roses. Then all day long they should entertain me and smother me with attention. Also a good lunch and dinner must follow AND should be served to me on time. WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY IS: IT'S ALL ABOUT ME! ME! ME! ME! AND ME AGAIN!

May of 2011

I’m the queen of the world! Okay, maybe not. But, I am the queen of the living room! Lately though besides having to put up with Eropheya and Ruslana, Yulia has been releasing Barsik (the oldest and meanest Siberian in the house albeit, the smartest, also the Alpha) who has been very much on my case about sleeping on the top tier of the cat tree. He hits me every time I’m sleeping there and he wants to go up. He could be a little nicer to me but other than the top tier of the tree issue I get along with him just fine, and Yulia shouldn’t let him out so often. Plus, while Mom and Dad have been traveling with Alex (he’s so dreamy), Yulia has been staying behind to look after us. As if we need a babysitter! Well, other than that, can’t really complain…thus far life is sweet.



CH Ruslana Sibaris of SiberianMeow

-Hi! My name is Ruslana. I have a good appetite and I'm in love with food. I'm also the biggest one of the girls and I plan to keep it that way. I love to sleep in parents' bed and I also love working with computers, I generally try to catch the mouse pointer on the screen...that IS what a cat is supposed to do...RIGHT? I tried to help Dad a few times when he was working to show him how to do things properly, but he wouldn't let me, he doesn't understand my good intentions. Hopefully one day he will grow up!

-Unlike my friend Yurata I don't wait for things to be handed to me, I take them myself. What I want, whenever I want it, and however I want it. For example, I discovered that being held and carried around in the hands or on the shoulders of people is very comfortable, but I do not wait for them to pick me up, I use the people that I want to hold me as trees or jump and climb up on to their hands myself. By the way, my biggest passion in life is still FOOOOOOOD...and it made me big and fluffy.

Siberian Meow Cattery, hypoallergenic cats: Ruslana Sibaris of SiberianMeow

October of 2010

-FOOOOOOOOOOD. I now eat for two now. No, I'm not pregnant I just have a secret love affair with food. It's not too secret as everyone knows in the family, but still. You put food in front of me and it will be gone within 5-10 minutes. And if there's food elsewhere, I'll go eat that, too. I'm now the biggest female in the house. Yurata may be the oldest, but I'm the biggest.

Latest Update (May of 2011)

FOOOOOOOD. Okay, now that I got that out of my system…FOOOOD. Can I get back to you after I’ve done eating my food? No? Okay. I’m beautiful and fabulous and Daddy loves me best! Since Yulia has been complaining so much that I keep leaving her back in scratches, I’ve started using her as a stepping stone in the process of jumping on other peoples’ backs. My life consists of food, Dad and sleep…and food. I heard some big commotion of Alex being gone every weekend for the last few months for shows, and personally I do not see what the big deal is. I like my warm house and friendly family. Did you know Yurata has a crush on Alex? Don’t tell her I said that.



CH Eropheya of SiberianMeow

-Hi! My name is Eropheya. I'm a tomboy and the family's biggest troublemaker. For said reasons my parents thought I should have been born a boy. People are strange for me. They make these kissy sounds and then try to kiss me. I bite them in return, generally on the nose. I like the swimming pool with the fishes but Mom and Dad keep it closed and call it an aquarium. Hopefully one day I'll find out how to get inside.

-Hurray!!! I finally catch my first fish... but there is more...

Siberian Meow Cattery, hypoallergenic cats: Edelweiss Eropheya of Siberina Meow

November of 2010

-I AM EVIL! Yulia said that I wasn't a cat, she said I was an army of bandits trapped in a cat's body. You guys have no idea what I had to go through to get that title. I mean I had to get into fights with the alpha male of the house, our black Siberian named Barsik, Ruslana and I broke down the closet doors which mom and grandma (who was visiting) had to put back on the rails, I had to run around like a torpedo letting my nails skid on the floor (we have hardwood) and make sure my nails made screeching noises...basically you get the idea. After about 2 weeks Yulia told mom I was a bandit. I was ecstatic...........HA! YOU BELIEVED ME! No, in reality I am a total sweetheart.

May of 2011

I love Yulia. She has the cleanest face in the family because I exfoliate it with my tongue on a daily basis. I’m better than any loofah she could ever buy. Lately, people who visit the house say I look like an alien. When they see me, they expect to see green eyes because I have silver fur. Instead, I have amber colored eyes and I smile at people. I think it frightens them a little, but you can’t take away the fabulous. My best buddy Barsik has been chilling out with us girls more often lately and Yurata is not happy about it. Then again, she doesn’t like anyone except Alex. Sometimes, Ruslana and I laugh at her. She doesn’t understand Barsik is so much more gentlemanly. None of the other cats are ever going to tell you this but we all have our owners. SUPPOSEDLY Barsik and I are the meanest in the family and we belong to Yulia. Alex and Yurata (if cats could marry, they would) belong to Mom. Ruslana (who has a love affair with food) belongs to Dad. Sometimes I question who she loves more, Dad or food…

Latest Update (July of 2011)

Crap, my parents have decided to start my show career this fall. This was Yulia's idea and I'll get her when she least expects it...


All three girls have been imported from Siberia to preserve the cleanest bloodlines and ensure the best possible breeding.


 Siberian Meow Cattery    Siberian Meow Cattery

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